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Nowadays, technology is transforming the way we buy, sell and act.
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Lets define the INNOVATION that you need to win today, and project the VISION that want to sell tomorrow!

Web Development
Web development is our main skill. We build custom web applications for various areas, including electronic commerce, health, properties, education, human resources, travelling, and many others.
Mobile Development
We develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android. We can develop sophisticated back-end systems, and create impressive and easy to use front-end interfaces as part of our complete service solutions.
Digital Marketing
Your brand is the focus, so we create leads and loyalty programs to make your business take off, giving you fascinating online results, and with this, adding value to your brand and business.
Web and UI Design
Implement your design ideas with confidence. Trust your team of design and user interface professionals to create a unique design and compelling experience for your site.
Mobile Applications
Fast, efficient and easy to use are our ideas. We create an appealing design for your iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. The user will love it, without compromising it's usability
Server Administration and Maintenance
Our DevOps teams can create and modify databases and backups. We can also create security patches, software updates, and server structure configurations.
Trust our team of professionals who specialize in online store development, we put all the know-how into practice to make your project a successful business.
Consulting and Auditing
Consult our engineers for expert advice. We can analyze your existing project and find out how to make it meet your expectations.
Industry Software Solutions
Do you need software tailored exclusively for your business, industry processes and regulated environment? We can create custom software solutions that manage all your business processes.


The first step is to understand your business needs and/or applications in need of development. One of our senior software engineers will review the requirements, preferences and target audience for the application.


We created an outline of the work, along with specifications, requirements, constraints, and assumptions. We analyze it with the customer to ensure that our solution is the intended goal.


The application is developed and tested based on the specifications described in the sketch. When the process is complete, we correct all problems that may have arised.. Finally, our engineers improve functionality while the graphic design team enhances the user interface.


Upon completion of the project, we help develop it further and are always available to assist. We promptly answer any questions and provide comprehensive support to our customers.

We create customized software
for your business

We believe that developing effective software solutions for your business is critical in a currently competitive market.

Custom software developed by experts to meet your needs can make the difference between jumping ahead and falling behind your competitors!


Following strict regulatory standards, we can develop a comprehensive set of custom medical software, including telemedicine, practice management, medical billing, and healthcare settlement applications.
Codinove's customized solutions aim to take educational experiences to the next level of accessibility and interactivity. We have the experience to develop educational software for any purpose and size.
Real Estate
Give your real estate business a competitive advantage now with a robust IT solution tailored to meet it's needs and goals. We develop efficient and scalable business software for property managers, landlords, agents and tenants.
Travel Agencies
We leverage our industry expertise to empower tourism-related businesses with digital solutions tailored to thrive in the highly competitive marketplace and help travelers find their dream vacation.
Codinove has extensive experience in designing software solutions to address every aspect of the sports industry, from personal training applications to team, leagues, and sports organizations management tools
Codinove has the expertise in custom eLearning solutions with high perceptibility and communicability. We possess the necessary experience to make the needed custom software.
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